Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

I have pleasure in introducing myself as T. V. RAMASWAMY, settled at NANGANALLUR – Chennai, S/o Dr. T. S. Viswanatha Iyer of Mannadimangalam with whose blessings we all children of his had the opportunity to learn about DHARMA in one’s life. Due to my father’s locational disadvantage none of his children could learn VEDHAM in our early stages of life. To compensate that, now that all types of gadgets have come due to information technology advancement and the effect of SOCIAL MEDIA like face book, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. etc. I felt the need to spread the message about the importance of adhering to the SANATANA DHARMAM, VEDHA PARIPALANAM, creation of this website sparked in my mind by the grace of SRINGERI SRI SHARADAMBAL, SRI KAMAKSHI AMMAN Of Kanchipuram, finally this website is launched.
On 2nd May, 2015 I had an occasion to participate in a VEDHA GOSHAM chanting by nearly 24 Scholarly Vedic Pandits at Chennai (all are qualified as Ghanapadigals). In that I could identify particularly only one GHANAPADIGAL who rendered Vedham in high pitch of voice, rhythematically, melodically too with punching pronunciations (spashtam). He found to be youngest amongst all. At the end of the programme I met him individually and got a self introduction with him.
He is none other than Sri Gajanan GHANAPADIGAL hailing from Sagar District in Karnataka. He is the only son to his parents. Because of his very poor family background financially, elders of that village took him to SRINGERI where His Holiness Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamigal Of Sringeri Sri Sharada Peetham instructed the authorities of the Mutt to put him in Mutt’s Vedha Patashala in the year 1992 and he completed his full course there and qualified himself as GHANAPADIGAL. Sringeri Swamigal Blessed him abundantly and advised him to do start his own Gurukulam type Patashala preferably in Tamilnadu where his talents will be well recognised by Grahasthas there.
Since 2004 till 2017 he has taught to nearly 30 students and brought them up as GHANAPADIGAL. Now he has 7 students under him studying. He is ritualistic, rigid, strict to the core to his students mainly concentrating on spreading SANATANA DHARMAM everywhere within the city of Chennai. He does not compromise on the values of Vedham and code of discipline, dress code, food habits etc. He is of the feeling that if he goes for FULL TIME PROHITHAM he will not be able to run his Gurukulam as blessed by Sringeri Swamigal.
He teaches Vedham to school going children in his locality during 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm and at present there are 30 students learning Vedham. He says they will get diverted from viewing TV.Likewise he also teaches VEDHAM to all office goers and senior citizens including myself for an hour daily from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. ALL FOR FREE. AT NO COST AT ALL. His schedule starts from 4.00 A.M. and ends at 10.00 pm daily. He has taken a rented premises in Adhambakkam Chennai where he runs his GURUKULAM. He never expects and demands anything from any one at all. We philanthropic minded persons contribute our mite on our own every month. It is great opportunity to all of us given by God Almighty to do this small DHARMAM identifying Satpathram.
When I made a plea to him to teach Vedham through Skype to all NRI Brahmins settled all over world as many of them had no opportunities like me in their early environment, he did not give his consent for it on the plea that he cannot monitor from Chennai about their code of discipline, dress code, food habits etc. while learning Vedham as prescribed. It took nearly two years for me to convince him and make him to agree for my genuine proposal. When Carnatic Music, Instrumental, Other Education can be taught through SKYPE why not VEDHAM? Because learning of VEDHAM is a basic thing in one’s life for their own prosperity and then only all other materialistic things come. Vedham alone protects one’s life in all its spheres. Hence all code of discipline to be followed will be prescribed and interested persons can volunteer on his own.
Under the above circumstances soon I will be arranging for mobilisation of funds to buy a Computer, other Gadgets required for SKYPE facility like high speed WI-FI phone etc. and it will be installed in the premises of Sri Gajanan GHANAPADIGAL.. Hence launching of this website is the first and foremost step towards that direction and that too on this auspicious VEDHA VYASAR POURNIMA DAY.
ALL VIEWERS OF THIS WEBSITE BE BENEFITTED BY AVAILING THE SERVICES OF BRAHMASRI G. GAJANAN GHANAPADIGAL to the maximum extent possible and derive all prosperity in their life.
This website is evolved, designed, floated purely by me for the convenience of my Guru Sri G. Gajanan GHANAPADIGAL and nowhere I have involved him at all. Only domain name is blessed by him. His teaching is non commercial and purely free for all those who wanted avail the benefit to learn from him. As we, few like minded persons in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi who contribute our mite on our own voluntarily to His Bank Account to do our DHARMIC CONTRIBUTION TO A SATPAATHRAM, I have provided the same bank details for the benefit of the viewers of this website and it need not be construed this as commercial one. Learning Vedham from a great scholar is our own choice and it is totally FREE. “TEACHING VEDHAM THROUGH SKYPE WILL BE LAUNCHED ON FRIDAY, THE 19TH OCTOBER, 2018 AT 7.00 A.M. THAT DAY BEING VIJAYADASAMI DAY - AN AUSPICIOUS DAY FOR LEARNING.”