T. V. Ramaswamy.
Retired Manager of Syndicate Bank.
9840986638. /. 8825728906.
“Sharadha Nilayam”
52, First Main Road,
27th December, 2018.
“விவேகிநம் மஹாப்ரஜ்ஞம் தைர்யௌதார்யக்ஷமாநிதிம் !
ஸதாsஅபிநவ பூர்வம் தம் வித்யாதீர்த்த குரும் பஜே” !!
“பாரதீ கருணாபாத்ரம் பாரதீ பத பூஷணம் !
பாரதீ பதமாரூடம் பாரதீ தீர்த்தமாஸ்ரேயே” !!
“வித்யாவினய ஸம்பன்னம் வீதராஹம், விவேஹினாம் !
வந்தே வேதாந்த தத்வஜ்னம் விதுசேகர பாரதீம்” !!

Respected Philanthropist,

At the outset I send my Greetings to you, to your family member and to your esteemed organisation

“VIKARI”. - விகாரி from 14th April, 2019 onwards.

Having accomplished a satisfactory year of 2018 let us dawn upon to 2019 with much more prosperity, in all fronts.

As guided by my Guru Sri Sri Bharathi THEERTHARMahaswamigal, to gain PUNYAM/good Boon, I have adopted a Gurukulam Model Patashala situated in Adambakkam-Chennai-88, details of which are given below:

2/36, Shanthi Nagar – Third Street
Adambakkam – Chennai – 600088.
Mobile: +91 9445113583.(BrahmasriG. Gajanan Bhat Ghanapatigal)

You can please go through the website to know full details, like the activities he carries out without any kind of monetary expectations by sacrificing his own time, energy and money simply by adhering to the principles what is described in Vedha Sasthram. He did his studies in Sringeri Mutt’s Veda Patashala for nearly 12 long years by rigorous training under the direct supervision and guidance of Sri Sri Mahasannidhanam. His vibrant Vedha recitation must be listened & enjoyed by one and all in person which has no parellel. It is purely by Guru’s grace.

Such a great Vedic scholar is staying in a rented house and feeding to nearly 6 students all drawn from Karnataka in and around Sringeri and teaching them Vedham as in-house training from 4.00 am to 10.00 pm. He has already produced SIX Ghanapatigals and the present Six vidyarthees (Vedic students) will be ready for exams within next three years. He is fully dedicating his time & energy with his own finance mobilised from his village Sagar in Karnataka. He does not go for Vaidheegam profession to earn money. But of-course, if any one invites to chant VedhaParayanam at his house or office/factory he goes with his students and perform chanting of VedhaParayanam and he accepts Sambhavanai whatever they give and he never makes any demand because he is not doing it commercially.

On the day of ArudhraDarshanam, Sri Sharadambal appeared in my dream and advised me “do not struggle yourself alone to help Brahmasri Gajanan Ganapatigal and make an APPEAL to all your friends & Relatives, business people in Tamilnadu to mobilise funds to have him a full fledged Patashala to enable him to teach more number of students and arrange to provide him a good house in your locality in the Ground Floor – he being a Nithya Agnihotri”.

It was at this juncture it occurred in my mind “why not I make an APPEAL to one and all in Chennai at-least, to begin with, so that whatever money is collected by mobilisation, we buy a house in the name of Sri Gajanan Ganapatigal or in the name of SRI BHARATHI VEDA VIDHYA GURUKULAM in the surroundings of his present address to enable him to accommodate at-least 20 to 25 students and a professional cook for their daily Bhojanam as in-house students. The quality of his teaching is in strict discipline with no deviation and without compromising in quality. He do not allow any drop outs half way through because he pays attention to individual students very meticulously with love & affection equal to that of a parent. Besides on the days of Amavasai&Pournami, and in both Prarthanai and Ashtami days when there is no Vedha Teachings (as prescribed in Shasthra) he takes the students for outing to Temples within the city of Chennai and to nearby temples out of Chennai at his own expenses. This gives a relaxation from their monotonous studies on other days. The students feel rejunuvated too. I have seen many Patashalas whereas this is an unique one differing from others.

May I, therefore, request you to kindlyspread the message to your friends and relatives too about the existence of this EXEMPLIFIED GURUKULAM. He teaches Yajur Vedha, SasthramSampradhayam, Sanskrit, Yoga Sasthram, Jodisham, so that when the student completes his course in 12 years he becomes full fledged person to the Society to cultivate the habits as prescribed in SANATANA VEDHA DHARMAM in true spirit and he becomes a role model Guru to all Grahasthas.

At the moment we have formed a Team Of 8 persons from our own family to assist his needs Of day to day routine. But in the long run I wanted it to be SELF SUSTAINING for which purpose this APPEAL is made. A corpus fund need to be created. To earn PUNYAM we can curtail our extravaganza expenses in our marriages and social function, and spending money on Govt. Run Temples, we can divert the funds to this Patashala which will give us sense of satisfaction for ever & ever.

For your ready reference I provide his personal a/c number :
Sri Gajanan G, SB A/c No.1104155000179573
IFSC code: KVBL0001104
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., ALANDUR Branch, Chennai-600016.

You may kindly send your Gift Money to his above a/c and send a letter to his address or mail to me or SMS alert to his mobile number or to my number. I am also making efforts to start a Trust for the purpose for which formalities are being worked out. Of Late, no Trust is being given 80G Tax Concession. If any philanthropist is owning a piece of land in and around Adambakkam/NANGANALLUR/Madipakkam areas and wishes to donate the land to the above Patashala and I will put in my sincere efforts to the super structured constructed at the earliest.Let us take it as a Pledge to begin the year 2019 for such a noble cause.

Thanks in advance & Great Regards.